Campaign to Bolster El Paso’s Self-Image Officially Revealed

El Paso, TX – May 6, 2013 – Finally, the message El Pasoans have questioned since the appearance of mysterious outdoor boards nearly a month ago has been revealed. For four weeks, the campaign that began with outdoor boards featuring the message “So Good” has slowly unfolded to disclose the campaign’s full message “EL PASO. IT’S ALL GOOD.”

“We are so excited to finally share this positive new message about El Paso with the community, and really engage all El Pasoans to embrace it and get involved as Digital Ambassadors through their social networks,” said Bill Blaziek, General Manager of the El Paso Convention and Visitor’s Bureau and a leader of the Greater El Paso Strategic Communications Task Force, the group behind the campaign. “It is time for us to raise our voices in praise for our community, where great things are happening, and the future is bright. It’s all good.”

“’It’s All Good’ is not necessarily meant to be a brand or a tagline – it’s a way of thinking and a natural phrase to describe the encouraging state of things in our community,” said Steffen Poessiger, Vice President and Senior Director of Client Services for Mithoff Burton Partners, the advertising and marketing agency responsible for developing the campaign. “All of the things we’ve seen happening of late in El Paso – beginning with overcoming obstacles to host the fight between Chavez vs. Lee, the passage of nearly half a billion dollars in bonds for quality-of-life, a new Triple-A team and ballpark – so much is happening, and it is ALL GOOD.”

The launch of the “El Paso. It’s All Good” campaign is part of a larger effort put forth by the Greater El Paso Strategic Communications Task Force, a group of leaders and representatives of civic, community, and business organizations that have come together to collectively discover and unfold a renewed image for El Paso to be shared both within the community and with the outside world. The group, under the leadership of the El Paso Convention and Visitors Bureau, is comprised of representation from the City of El Paso, El Paso County, Fort Bliss, the Borderplex Bi-National Economic Alliance, the local chambers of commerce, the El Paso Hotel Motel Association, the Sun Bowl, UTEP, TTUHSC, the Medical Center of the Americas, the Downtown Management District, and local media partners, among others. The task force was formed in January 2011 in direct response to the continued and growing negative perceptions about El Paso as a result of the violence in Ciudad Juarez and government corruption.

The task force engaged local advertising and marketing agency Mithoff Burton Partners, who put a team of specialists together including local market research firm Strategic Communications Consulting Group (SCCG), and New York-based public relations firm Development Counsellors International (DCI) to create and implement a comprehensive “inside/outside” image and reputation management plan for the El Paso community. While Mithoff Burton and SCCG have focused on a study of the El Paso community and developing the just-launched “El Paso. It’s All Good.” campaign, DCI has focused on encouraging positive national and regional news coverage about the El Paso community, which has resulted in news stories in publications including the Wall Street Journal, New York Times, Forbes, Texas Monthly, Atlantic Cities and more. In total there have been 25 editorial placements featuring positive mentions about El Paso, having been seen by nearly 34 million people, with an advertising equivalency of more than $3.2 million.

“While we have been working successfully to achieve positive perceptions about El Paso to the outside world through fantastic national and regional news coverage, we knew it was absolutely vital to make sure we El Pasoans are proud of our hometown – of who we are and what we can become,” added Blaziek. “In order to be successful in achieving a positive image, we need to be our own biggest cheerleaders, and we hope to engage El Pasoans to serve as ambassadors armed with positive messages about our community both amongst ourselves and to outsiders as well.”

A major element of the campaign is public engagement. An “El Paso. It’s All Good.” rally will be held in advance of Alfresco! Fridays on Friday, May 10 from 4:00-7:00 PM in Arts Festival Plaza downtown, where all El Pasoans are invited to come show support for their community, receive “El Paso. It’s All Good.” gear, and sign up to be a Digital Ambassador for El Paso.

All El Pasoans will be invited to sign up to be a Digital Ambassador, to receive notifications about El Paso’s good news that that they can then share with their social networks with the click of a button. You can sign-up to be a Digital Ambassador at the “El Paso. It’s All Good.” rally, or by visiting Individuals, businesses, and organizations are also encouraged to download and use “El Paso. It’s All Good.” artwork to show their support for the community at the campaign web site.

“Signing up to be a Digital Ambassador is a great way to say, ‘I love where I live,’ and to share that message with your social network,” said Poessiger. “It will not be time-consuming or overwhelming, but rather a very easy way for you to show your support for your community to your friends, colleagues and family.”

El Paso residents can expect to see “El Paso. It’s All Good.” pop up all around the community. “The beauty of the message is that it’s applicable to any individual, venue, or organization that would like to demonstrate their support for our community. We hope to see it on t-shirts, signs, posters, pamphlets for all kinds of entities – the zoo, local businesses, sports teams, and more. This is El Paso’s message, to be used by all El Pasoans to talk in a positive light about our community,” added Poessiger.